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Student Success Center

Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC)

The Office of Graduate Student Development seeks to provide you with appropriate academic support services in the humanities, physical sciences, and social sciences. To this end, students are enrolled in a password-protected Blackboard site called the Graduate Student Success Center (GSSC). On this site, students have access to information regarding:

  • study skills
  • test-taking strategies
  • time and stress management
  • tutorial support
  • writing assistance
  • research skills
  • career planning and preparation
  • online course readiness assessment

Students can log into the GSSC through Blackboard or through the Pfeiffer University website.

Center for Professional Advancement- CPA Information & Connection

The Center for Professional Advancement provides academic resources and support services through the CPA Information & Connection Site on Blackboard. Academic Resources include Podcasts and PowerPoint Presentations on Time and Stress Management, performing Academic Research, Writing and avoiding Plagiarism and sharpening Study Skills for all Center for Professional Advancement students. Information is available for students wanting to prepare for graduate school.

Syllabi and text book adoptions received are posted here as are links to catalogs and disability and student handbooks. 

Events are posted under Campus Life.

Important email messages to students are posted under announcements.

Access through Blackboard at Students will be uploaded but may also self enroll.

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