Graduate Ambassador | Jennifer Lewis



Senior Business Analyst


Stanley, North Carolina


Master of Health Administration

Jennifer says, "The graduate program at Pfeiffer provides insight into healthcare that one cannot simply obtain by working for a health services organization. In just one semester, I have already obtained a greater understanding of the time and investment required of each individual on a daily basis to keep a health services organization running smoothly.

"With Pfeiffer bringing instruction onto my employer's campus and providing highly skilled professors, who are experts in their fields, the only question for me related to whether to stop at the MHA or continue on to my Masters in Business Administration. As I move forward to obtain my dual Masters, the program allows me the opportunity to hone my research, writing, communication, and critical thinking skills. As a result of the high caliber faculty and the consistently voiced servant leadership philosophy, I am inspired to become more involved both professionally and personally. Ultimately, Pfeiffer makes me a well-rounded individual who is prepared to serve both my employer and the community at large."

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