Master of Arts in Teaching-Special Education

Phase I (33 SH):
Professional Core and General Education Courses:

  • SPED 601 Contemporary Issues in Special Education
  • SPED 602 Development and Learning in Students with Special Needs
  • EDUC 611 Mathematics: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment
  • EDUC 635 The School Curriculum PK-12
  • EDUC 644A or B (A) Children's Literature K-8 or (B) Adolescent Literature (6-12)
  • SPED 621A, B, or C Internship (Either 621A, 621B, or 621C based on experience)

A special fee of $150 is assessed during the internship semester.

Specialty Courses:
SPED 603 Literacy and Language Development for Students with Special Needs
SPED 604 Differentiated Instruction for Students with Special Needs
SPED 605 Assessment of Students with Special Needs
SPED 606 Classroom & Behavior Management for Students with Special Needs
SPED 607 Special Education Service Coordination

Phase II (12 SH):
EDUC 601 Introduction to Educational Research
EDUC 607 Servant Leadership Seminar
EDUC 608 Servant Leadership Internship
EDUC 614 Master's Project
EDUC 659 Clinical Experience and Seminar

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