Master of Arts in Practical Theology - Curriculum

Curriculum :

This 42 hour degree program provides a strong biblical and theological foundation through the eight core courses, while offering four tracks of specialized courses to equip students for unique areas of ministry.

Core Courses:

MAPT 609 Servant Leadership in the Church
MAPT 615 Systematic Theology in the Contemporary World
MAPT 616 Critical Issues in Christian Ethics
MAPT 618 Spiritual Formation
MAPT 630 Survey of the Old Testament
MAPT 631 Survey of the New Testament
MAPT 651 Practical Theology Seminar
MAPT 652 Masters Culminating Experience

Pfeiffer Responds

In an effort to respond  to current issues facing  the church through the on going ministry of Christian Education, Pfeiffer University sponsors periodic seminars and workshops to address Christian Education in a rapidly changing world. How are these courses chosen? Christian Educators are telling us what they are interested in, what they need and we are trying to supply help. If you have an interest or a need contact Kathleen Kilbourne, Director, MAPT, Pfeiffer University at Charlotte, 4701 Park Rd, Charlotte NC 28209; 704-945-7315 (O) 704-521-8617 (Fax)  E-mail:


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