Diversity Statement

Diversity Defined:

Diversity refers to the recognition and appreciation of differences and similarity across a variety of overlapping domains, including race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability, sexual orientation, religion, spirituality, worldview, geography, age, family status, and life experience.

Diversity Statement:

The Pfeiffer University Graduate School strives to cultivate and sustain an inclusive and intellectually rigorous environment that embraces difference across domains (e.g., race, age, etc.). These areas are explored within a context of cooperation, shared responsibility, and mutual respect that promotes learning, personal growth, and service through culturally competent community engagement.

The Marriage & Family Therapy Program at Pfeiffer University seeks to further these objectives* by:

  • Integrating diversity issues across the curriculum.
  • Teaching evidenced-based, culturally sensitive treatment approaches.
  • Maintaining a diverse group of faculty members.
  • Conducting activities (e.g., publications) that contribute to the scientific literature on diversity issues.
  • Recruiting and enrolling students that reflect the diversity within the community.
  • Cultivating a culture of authentic growth and inquiry that expands and deepens the compassion, awareness, and worldviews of our faculty and students.

*Outcome measures for these objectives include the Clinical Performance Evaluation,the Professional Fitness Evaluation, course syllabi, student and faculty demographic information, faculty publications and presentations, Student Graduation Exit Interviews, and the Annual Student Program Survey.

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