Marriage and Family Therapy - Program of Study/Courses Offered

The MMFT program requires a minimum of 66 semester hours which provides foundational coursework and clinical training based on designated Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), course embedded core competencies, and (3) consecutive semesters or more as needed to accrue 500 hours of direct client contact (250 individual, 250 relational) and 100 hours of monitored supervision provided by AAMFT Approved Supervisors or supervisor candidates.  The Program of Study typically takes 3-4 years to complete, but must be completed within 5 years of initial enrollment.  Additionally, students must pass a comprehensive examination with a 70% passing rate (140/200) prior to graduation.

The MMFT Program’s Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) include the following primary concepts:

• Theoretical Knowledge/Academic Training

• Diversity

• Clinical Effectiveness

• Individual and Relational Development

• Professional Identity and Ethics

• Research

MMFT Program of Study

I. Assessment and Diagnosis (6 SH)

MMFT 604 Diagnosis of Mental and Emotional Disorders

MMFT 630 Assessment and Treatment Planning in Family Therapy

II. Human Development and Family Relations (9 SH)

MMFT 640 Family Therapy: Children and Adolescents

PSYC 600 Advanced Human Growth and Development

PSYC 615 Advanced Psychopathology in the Family Context

III. Practice of MFT (12 SH):

MMFT 600 Emerging Cross-Cultural Issues in Families and Communities

MMFT 606 Therapeutic Alliance – Pre-Internship

MMFT 620 Couples Therapy, Theory, and Techniques

MMFT 670 Human Sexuality and Contextual Sex Therapy

IV. Professional Identity and Ethics (6 SH):

MMFT 610 Professional Identity and Issues in Marriage & Family Therapy

MMFT 680 Legal & Ethical Issues in Marriage & Family Therapy

 V. Research (3 SH):

PSYC 625 Research Methods & Program Evaluation

VI. Theoretical Foundation of MFT (9 SH):

MMFT 601 Introduction to Family Systems

MMFT 602 Family Therapy Theories

MMFT 621 Advanced MFT Theories and Procedures

VII. Clinical Practice (9-15 SH): *

MMFT 690 Internship in Marriage & Family Therapy

* (3-5 consecutive semesters as needed to complete  a minimum of 500 clinical hours – 250 individual &                250 relational)

VIII. Additional Core Coursework (12 SH)

MMFT 603 Theory and Practice of Group Therapy

MMFT 605 Addiction in Family Systems

MMFT 608 Crisis Intervention

PSYC 610 Advanced Theories of Personality in Family Dynamics

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