Interdisciplinary Studies- Course Descriptions

ART 385 -  Art and the Human Experience (Visual Culture)   (3 SH)
Directed study of the relationships between art, its history, and everyday culture. A variety of visual cues and motivations will be analyzed such as photography, film, symbols,pop culture and graphic design all within an art historical context.

COMM 353 -  Diversity Issues in a Global Context   (3 SH)
This course involves the study of cultural diversity and multiculturalism by focusing on differences in communicative behavior among various global communities. Emphasis will be placed on increasing students' awareness of significant differences in world view and the potential for negative outcomes of those views, specifically when operating from an ethnocentrist standpoint. The impact of variations in communication strategies on significant life
issues will be explored.

COMM 414 -  Conflict Transformation   (3 SH)
(WI) Study of conflict management theory and skill processes, including active listening, assertion, negotiation, and mediation. Students will develop knowledge about the nature of conflict, the growing opportunities to utilize conflict management skills, and will develop awareness of personal styles of dealing with communicative discord. This is a writing intensive course.

ENGL 360 -  Rhetoric (3 SH) (WI) Introduction to the field of rhetoric, including study of major rhetoricians from Plato to Burke and the changing position of rhetoric in the field of literary and communication studies.This is a writing intensive course.

HSTY 210 - Current Events  (3 SH)
Significant current events, issues, or movements such as the growth of Islamic fundamen talism, global terrorism, the Arab-Israeli conflict, economic crisis in the European Union, China's emergence as a world power, the Iranian nuclear program, and climate change are studied in their historical context. Events in the United States are covered, but the focus of the course is international. A research/service project may be required.

IDS 301 -  Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies   (3 SH)
Provides students with an overview of the traditional academic disciplines and the Interdisciplinary Studies/57 various ways in which they have been combined to develop new disciplines, transdisciplines, and interdisciplinary practices. The focus will be on interdisciplinary approaches to knowledge creation and problem solving.

IDS 430 - Seminar in Interdisciplinary Studies   (3 SH)
Topical, interdisciplinary seminars focusing on the approaches different disciplines take to a specific contemporary or historical issue in a global perspective. Prerequisites: Junior standing, ENGL 202, and PHIL 304 or ENGL 360.

IDS 490 -  Senior Seminar   (3 SH)
(WI) A faculty-supervised capstone course for Liberal Arts majors. Students will explore issues and themes in a chosen area of the Liberal Arts and utilize research techniques in the process. Emphasis will be placed on research methods as well as the research of others from professional publications. The research process includes the submission and approval of a topic outline, a proposal, and a final report as well as an oral presentation. Prerequisite: Senior status or permission of the Dean.

MFT 325 -  Introduction to Research Methods   (3 SH)
(WI) This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of various research methods in the behavioral sciences so they can critically evaluate information about human behavior presented in professional journals and in popular media, understand the strengths and limitations of research methods, and develop proficiency in scholarly writing. Mastery of the material covered will help students evaluate the adequacy of research findings reported by others and develop appropriate APA Publication guidelines for writing formal research papers. This is a writing intensive course.

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