Health Administration - Course Descriptions

HA 300 -  Principles of Healthcare Management (3 SH)
A general introduction to the process of management and the application of administrative techniques to the healthcare sector.

HA 301 -  Healthcare Planning and Marketing (3 SH)
A survey of marketing organization and methods in healthcare settings. The course reviews the evolution of healthcare marketing activities and the integration of marketing with other
organizational activities.

HA 302 -  Introduction to Public Health   (3 SH)
Introduction to the broad comcepts of public health including the mission, core functions, structure, policy role, program activities, and collaborative endeavors of public health. Theoretical and practical persepctives are studies to illustrate contemporary strategies for health promotion and disease prevention at local, state, and national levels. The course also presents the cross-cutting areas of public health including: communication, diversity
and culture, and sustems thinking.

HA 310 -  Healthcare Marketing   (3 SH)
A survey of marketing organization and methods in healthcare settings. The course reviews the evolution of healthcare marketing activities and the integration of marketing with other organizaitonal activities.

HA 404 -  Healthcare Economics   (3 SH)
Introduction to the economics of healthcare through an exploration of the supply and demand of services in a pluralistic marketplace. Economic theories related to production and consumption of healthcare services. Supply-demand analyses as applied to specific markets in the healthcare sector. Public and private interface in production and distribution of healthcare. Prerequisites: ECON 221, ECON 222.

HA - 405 Medical Communications   (3 SH)
Business communications in healthcare settings. Emphasis on medical terminology.Focus on professionalism in communicating with multiple stakeholders.

HA 406 - Healthcare Insurance and Managed Care   (3 SH)
Overview of the various private and public sources of reimbursement in the United States including Medicare, Medicaid, and managed care organizations. Selected contracting and financial incentives and the effect on quality and cost containment are emphasized.

HA 407 -  Long Term Care Management   (3 SH)
An overview of various provider settings and services in long term care. Emphasis upon management of long term care facilities and the issues specific to the clients seeking those services. Reimbursement and regulation of long term care providers are addressed as well as topics of human resources, marketing, environmental and operational management.

HA 409 -  Healthcare Information Management   (3 SH)
Overview of clinical and administrative information systems with a particular emphasis on systems integration. Processes necessary to comply with mandated reporting to regulatory agencies and financial organizations. Development of a technology security process.

HA 412 -  Healthcare Human Resource Management   (3 SH)
Development of systems, processes and structure for administrative and clinical operations. Development of compensation and benefit plans. Design of performance appraisal processes. Knowledge of pertinent employment laws and regulatory standards.

HA 413 -  Risk Management and Insurance   (3 SH)
Detailed understanding of third party reimbursement processes. Focus on governmental and private sector cost containment arrangements. Processes and procedures to manage individual and corporate risk. Development of risk management plans. Implementation of compliance programs for federal and state laws and regulations.

HA 414 -  Legal and Ethical Environment of Healthcare   (3 SH)
Role of ethics and law in the management of healthcare services. Examines self-exploration in ethical based, principle based, values based, economic based and legal based decision making. Emphasis is placed on strategies to provide appropriate services while avoiding potential litigation.

HA 502 -  Budgeting and Control   (3 SH)
Focus on budget formulation, analysis and control within organizational parameters. Detailed preparation of both organizational and program budgets. Analysis and resolution of variance. Preparation and written/oral presentation of budget reports.
Prerequisites: ACCT 221, ACCT 222.

HA 504 -  Health Policy   (3 SH)
Relationship between the politics of healthcare and the health policymaking process in both public and private sectors. Roles of government, bureaucratic agencies, organizations, consumers, political action groups and health care providers explored. Focus on policy formulation, implementation and modification.

HA 505 - Healthcare Planning and Strategy (3 SH)
This integrative course incorporates the knowledge and skills acquired in previous coursework in order to formulate and implement management policies and strategies. Special emphasis placed on the manager's capacity to manage cost management with quality management. Students will individually or collectively as a team, create a strategic plan as a final project Prerequisite: Senior status.
Prerequisite: Senior status.

HA 506 -  Clinical Aspects of Aging   (3 SH)
An exploration of physical and mental health conditions prevalent in the elderly and their associated common treatments, including pharmacological applications. Emphasis is placed on the preventive aspect of health care and the role of the interdisciplinary health care team.

HA 507 -  Healthcare Quality Management   (3 SH)
Development of quality management systems. Focus on programming for credentialing and licensure. Internal processes and systems for maintaining practice performance standards, patient satisfaction, and peer review processes.

HA 508 - Contemporary Issues in Aging   (3 SH)
Examination of current and future issues of aging in the United States. Long term care trends reflective of the Boomer generation with managerial implications for structuring and providing services.

HA 509 -  Medical Practice Operations Management   (3 SH)
Design, implementation and monitoring of business operations plans. Arrangements for purchase of equipment and materials. Facilities planning and maintenance. Processes for identification and utilization of outsourced expertise.

HA 520 - Special Topics (3 SH)
Formal courses on topics or special interest subjects presented periodically as required. A specific title will be used in each instance and such will be entered on the student's transcript.Subject areas include, but are not limited to: chronic disease management, administrative ethics in healthcare and managerial epidemiology.

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