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Graduate and Adult Studies Programs at Pfeiffer University

Adult & Graduate Degree Programs at Pfeiffer UniversityThroughout its history, Pfeiffer University has not only emphasized academic achievement, but promoted service and a commitment to high purpose and social justice. While at Pfeiffer, students experience a range of opportunities that introduce them to and allow them to address the needs of the community, helping them develop into individuals who understand that they can do well by doing good.

Academically, Pfeiffer offers innovative and relevant instruction that prepares students for careers in a global marketplace. Programs are continually updated to meet the needs of both students and the business community, with whom we partner to gain insight on ever-changing needs and trends. Through an educational model that blends ideology, research and practical application, students learn collaboration through group work, experience real-world problems solving, exercise critical thinking and quantitative reasoning, refine their communication skills and discover the value of civic engagement in a changing society.

Thank you for your interest in Pfeiffer University. I hope that you browse the website to learn more about what Pfeiffer offers and plan to visit soon.

Dr. Tracy Espy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


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